Study Case

Building Backstage Whisp 2.0

UX Study case: Backstage Whisp

Welcoming its fifth anniversary, Backstage Whisp is confident to keep its identity intact while considering major revamp on its web structure.

Project objective

Fafifu wasweswos

Understanding the Core Problem

UX Study case: Backstage Whisp

The reasoning behind this hierarchy audit is simple. Based on the search opportunity, the ceiling for previous hierarchy is limited and it won't support the ambitious idea of the new redesigning, thus the decision was made to make the idea behind the redesigning come true.

The major point of the new hierarchy highlights the new addition in the form of "Profil" feature. This new feature will serve as an information hub for the song and editorial post. Having this feature as the information hub not only enables the website to glue the content together but also to provide easier content discovery and navigation.

Design Goal and Measurement

"A good design only makes sense if it is measurable"

As someone who graduated from Economics majors and learning Psychology for fun. I've always believed that it is good idea to track any changes to see the impact that the design brings. Without measurement, we won't know how to improve the product. Based on the business perspective, I set 3 indicators to track the effectiveness of the design.

1. Improve number of songs being listened per users by 100%
2. Double pages/session from the same artists.
3. Improve session duration by at least 5 minutes.


User Journey

Backstage Whisp User Journey

Opportunity arise!

The user interview process resulted in an eye-opening insight into the respondent behavior in searching for new music. My 3 respondents told about their preference using streaming service directly to find their next new heavy-rotation.

To make thing interesting, not all their needs can be satisfied using those streaming services. For example, when using Youtube, there is a say that the process of searching for other artist's works is a bit tedious, especially for music that was uploaded by the label.

Another opportunity arise related to building a community where people can listen and discuss their favorite music in the same place.

To recap the finding from the user interview, the most notable insights are:

1. Making it easy to find other artist's works can help them discover more music from the same artist. It is consistent with the new website hierarchy

2. People love reading other people thoughts just to see if other people's comment resonates with their own judgment.

3. People leave mark on their new favorite things so they can visit it later in the future.

Along with other insights from the interview, I decided to have a discussion with the developer team to make a feature prioritization based on the time resource and feasibility study. Some features that will take a long time to make will be saved for the next update as we're looking to launch the product as soon as possible to get quick feedback.

Idea Sketching

The most fun part is doing the ideation with just paper and a pen. Using this method help me to let my mind roam to produce multiple ideas at once. The result of the final iteration sketch will be moved to hi-fi prototype for testing purpose.

Testing Result and Change

To validate the idea in the ideation process, the usability testing was conducted with 3 participants joining the research. To assist the testing, open-ended scenarios were prepared. The scenario is based on the user journey insight where respondents were asked about their behavior in finding new music.

- Discover music from a particular genre
- Understanding what is the song is about
- Search for artist's other discography
- Search for any information or news about artist

Pain Point 1: Discovering New Music

"It's tiring to find one particular song that suites me, also I don't know these artists, it's hard to predict what their music sounds like before clicking the title. I don't have time to click one by one."

The biggest issue I've noticed here was about discoverability, it's hard for respondent to locate which song they're interested in when all title is screaming for attention. The lack of initial information about the song also did not help.

In addition to that, to make the style consistent between "Lagu" section and "Homepage - Lagu" section, I redesign the homepage interface to match with the "Lagu" section.

Pain Point 2: Understanding the Opinion About The Song

"I don't care about the article, I'd prefer to listen to the song."

To be expected, respondents skipped the article/essay about the song altogether and go straight to the media player. They want to make sure whether the song is their taste or not before confirming their impression about the song with the essay.

Put it All Together


The idea of this product design is to make the product delivered as soon as possible so we can get quick feedback to iterate further. Thus the decision about the new feature was based on the project timeline and business impact. We decided to put more emphasis on the business stand-point as we need the traffic to keep running.

Other important features that were not included in the feature will be listed on the next update along with the feedback from users.

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